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Busting the Myth! Can Dogs Eat Imitation Crab Meat??
Can Dogs Eat Imitation Crab? What is Imitation Crab Meat? While you might be hearing about imitation meat for the[...]
The Best Dog Food for Boxers in 2020
As a Smart Parent, you might be wondering what is the best dog food for boxers out there? Boxer Dogs[...]
Canine Influenza Explained & How to Deal with it Smartly!
We’re used to flu season as people. As soon as fall rolls around, we’re advised to get our flu vaccine,[...]
Horgi Dog – Your Family Friendly Mix Breed!
  Horgi - The mix-breed friendly dog of the year! We at Smart Dog Owners know that you as a[...]
5 Awesome Cars for New Dog Owners in 2020
Your four-legged friend is your best friend and confidant. You want him to enjoy life to the fullest, and that[...]
Is Lemongrass Safe for Dogs?
Lemongrass belongs to the grass family, and 50 different species are native to south India and tropical portions of Asia.[...]
Is Chlorpheniramine Safe For dogs?
Antishistamines are a godsend in the spring and fall for people, but it’s contested whether or not they have the[...]
Is Melatonin Safe for Dogs?
If you've been an unfortunate sufferer of insomnia or simply have difficulty falling asleep on a regular basis, then you've[...]
Previcox and Dogs
Arthritis is common in older dogs, and it causes just as much discomfort in canines as it does humans. There[...]
Is Dramamine Safe for Dogs?
If you're prone to motion sickness, then you are very familiar with dramamine. Whether it's roller coasters, boats, or just[...]
Amazing Health Benefits of Butternut Squash for Dogs
Is Squash Good for Dogs? Squash may not be the most popular vegetable on the shelf, but when cooked correctly,[...]
Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? The Complete Guide!
Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? Rosemary is a commonly used herb usually found in many household gardens and pantries around[...]
Rhubarb: Is it Good for Your Dog?
Rhubarb: Is it a Fruit or Vegetable? Rhubarb is a beautiful, leafy plant with a hearty deep pink colored stalk.[...]
Can Dogs Eat Mustard?
With summer on the horizon, we’re all gearing up for our favorite feasting pastime:  barbecuing! With nearly 75% of American[...]
Is Ketchup Safe for Dogs to Eat?
Did you know that the average American consumes 71 pounds of ketchup every year?  While it’s certainly a popular condiment[...]