Dog Safe Ice Melts – Protect Your Dogs From Ingesting Toxic Chemicals

Ice-melt is a must-have product if you live in cold state. But did you know that some brands of ice melts are harmful to dogs? Thankfully, you can find dog safe ice melts that contain organic ingredients and won’t cause any harm to your canine companion.

Why Is Ice Melt Dangerous for Dogs?

Ice melt typically contains ingredients such as magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, or calcium chloride. Sodium chloride is particularly deadly – ingesting 4 grams of this chemical per 2.3 lb. of body weight can kill a dog. Exposure to any of these chemicals can cause severe vomiting or diarrhea.

Keeping your dog from eating the ice melts pellets is not enough. Your dog can ingest these dangerous chemicals by licking its paws after walking in the snow.

You can protect your dog’s paws with special boots or socks, but your dog could still ingest chemicals by drinking from puddles or eating snow.

What Makes An Ice Melt Pet-Friendly?

You can find ice melt made with ingredients like crystalline amide and glycols. These ice melts do not contain any salt and work just as well as other alternatives.

Dog safe ice melt is a little pricier, but you definitely need to use this product if you have a pet. Besides, these ice melts are a lot less harmful for the environment. Using an ice melt with organic ingredients is also safer if you have young children.

What Should You Look At When Choosing An Ice Melt?

If an ice melt is pet-friendly, you will easily find this information on the product label. There are a few other things you should look at:

  • The quantity.
  • How long the ice melt lasts.
  • The list of ingredients.
  • The temperature at which the product can melt ice.
  • How secure the container is, especially if you have children.

Reviews of The Best Dog Safe Ice Melts

Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe, 8 lbs. 3oz.

This ice melt is free of any toxic ingredients and shoppers report having to use only a small quantity to get results. The ingredients include carbonyl diamine and glycol admixture. This product should work in temperatures as low as -2 °F.

The concentrated formula is a plus. You can apply this ice melt and the product will work for up to three days before you need to re-apply it. This is an ideal option if you need a pet-friendly ice melt, have children, or want a formula that won’t cause damages to plants, stone, or concrete bricks.


  • Concentrated formula lasts for up to three days.
  • You only need to apply a small quantity..
  • Nontoxic ingredients make this product safe for pets and children.


  • Pricier than other options.
  • The 3 oz. container won’t be enough for a larger driveway.
Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe

Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe

Milazzo Industries 02020 Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melter, 20-Pound

This 20 lb. bag of ice melt is a safe and affordable option to keep your driveway free of ice throughout the winter. This product contains nontoxic ingredients, but it does contain propylene glycol.

This ice melt is non-corrosive and won’t damage your pet’s paws, but note that it is not safe to ingest in large quantities because it contains propylene glycol.

The price is very affordable, and this ice melt works in low temperatures.


  • Low price.
  • 20 lb. should last through the entire winter.
  • Nontoxic and non-corrosive formula.


  • The product does contain propylene glycol.
  • You will have to transfer the product to a container or shaker for easy application.
Milazzo Industries 02020 Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melter

Milazzo Industries 02020 Qik Joe Safe Pet Ice Melter, 20-Pound

PESTELL 683051 Paw Thaw Ice Melt For Pets, 25-Pound Bag

This product is a safe way to de-ice your driveway without exposing your pet or children to dangerous chemicals. The downside is that you cannot use this product on newer concrete or precast. If the concrete in your driveway is more than one year old, you can safely use this ice melt.

Paw Thaw comes in two sizes – 25 lb. and 50 lb. This ice melts forms a protective coating to protect concrete from corrosion, and the formula doesn’t leave any residues that would cling to shoes and make a mess in your home.

This ice melts works in temperatures as low as 0 °F.


  • Safe for pets and children.
  • Won’t damage your concrete.
  • No sticky residues.
  • Works in low temperatures.


  • You will need a shaker or another type of container to apply it.
  • You can’t use this ice melt if you just resurfaced your driveway.
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PESTELL 683051 Paw Thaw Ice Melt For Pets

Safe Paw Ice Melter 35 Lbs/Pail

This salt-free ice melt is safe for your pets and is an environmental-friendly option. Being able to purchase a 35 lb. pail makes this an affordable way to de-ice your driveway.

Safe Paw works in temperatures as low as 2°F, and the concentrated pellets will prevent icing for up to three days. Ingredients include carbonyl diamide and glycol admixture.

This ice melt pail is a viable option if you are looking for something that is cost-efficient and already have a smaller shaker you can use to apply the pellets on your driveway.


  • Affordable option.
  • The pail is a durable storage option.
  • The pail is more portable than a bag.
  • Concentrated pellets are non-toxic.


  • The 35 lb. pail is heavy.
  • You will need a shaker to apply the pellets.
Safe Paw Ice Melter 35 Lbs/Pail

Safe Paw Ice Melter 35 Lbs/Pail

You can’t go wrong with an ice melt made by Safe Paw. You can opt for the Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe, 8 lbs. 3oz or save money and get a larger pail Safe Paw Ice Melter 35 Lbs/Pail.

The Safe Paw formula is safe for dogs, children, and for the environment. We really liked the concentrated slow release formula, since the pellets will keep your driveway free of ice for up to three days in temperatures as low as 2°F.

The 35 lb. pail would make more sense for a larger driveway or for long winters. Think about getting a smaller container if you want to test the product or if you only occasionally need to use ice melt to prevent icing on a smaller area.


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