Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms? (Are Mushrooms Safe For Dogs?)

People either love or hate mushrooms. If they hate them, there’s no way to prepare them that will make them taste good. If you happen to love them, you’ll eat them any way you can get them. These earth-flavored little fungi are definitely nutritious even if their deliciousness is arguable. Before you share your mushrooms with your canine friend, you should remember a few things first.

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

The mushrooms purchased in the stores are generally regarded as safe for canine consumption. Some dogs will find the mushrooms absolutely delicious, while others will think they’re absolutely disgusting and refuse to eat them. There are some dogs that get digestive upset from mushrooms, so if you notice any loose stools or a lack of appetite in your dog, don’t give them mushrooms of any kind.

What are the health benefits of mushrooms? Mushrooms are very high in vitamin D. This vitamin is incredibly important for strengthening the immune system and keeping the bones healthy and strong.

The biggest danger comes from wild mushrooms. There are a few varieties of wild mushrooms that are poisonous to both dogs and humans. Don’t ever go into the woods (or your yard) and pick mushrooms with the intention of eating them. Only experts know what kind of mushrooms are actually safe, and that can take years of experience. You don’t want to be that person who accidentally eats the one percent of mushrooms that are actually poisonous. These poisonous mushrooms can cause irreversible organ damage, seizures, collapse, and even death. Unfortunately, if your dog manages to find a toxic mushroom, there’s no way to find out what kind it was, so there is no specific treatment.

If you live in an area with very wet, warm weather, it probably isn’t uncommon for your yard to grow mushrooms. Most likely the kind growing in your yard is fine, but you should still do regular rounds to remove the fungi from your yard. Monitor your dog’s bathroom breaks, too, so you can catch them if they try to snack on a mushroom.

Various organizations, including the ASPCA, agree that the varieties of mushrooms founds in supermarkets are safe for your dog. If you shop at higher end stores, it’s possible they sell exotic mushrooms. Since the safety of these for dogs isn’t really known, you should skip sharing these with your dogs.

If Your Dog Gets Ill Eating Mushrooms

Mushroom poisoning can present in a variety of ways. Some dogs have severe vomiting and diarrhea. They are unable to keep anything down and even withholding water and food won’t stop the vomiting. Other dogs experience the vomiting and also develop neurological symptoms. They might be unable to walk or look like they’re drunk. Muscle tremors aren’t uncommon, and it could even progress to seizures or a coma.

If your dog has suspected mushroom poisoning, you should take them to the vet immediately. If you know they’ve eaten mushrooms, try to bring the mushroom to the vet to help them expedite the treatment. Your vet will give your dog IV fluids, run bloodwork, and treat the symptoms your dog is showing. How long your dog is hospitalized depends on how severe the poisoning is. Unfortunately, some dogs don’t recover, emphasizing how important it is for you to get them to their vet immediately.

Overall, there’s nothing in mushrooms that isn’t found in your dog’s food. The extra fiber and vitamin D are nice, but the proper amounts are found in high quality dog food. Stick to your dog’s regular diet to prevent any problems.

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