Ant Proof Dog Food Container

When the ants come out after winter, you have to start worrying about your dog food storage again. Unfortunately, standard storage containers that you can pick up at almost any store aren’t enough. You need an air-tight, fully sealed container to keep ants out.

How to Choose an Ant Proof Dog Food Container

Although ants in your dog’s food bowl are annoying, finding ants in your dog food bag or container is costly. Quality dog food isn’t cheap, and replacing it because of an ant infestation, can make pet ownership even more expensive.

Save yourself time, and frustration with these key points in selecting a great ant proof dog food container.

Always look for:

  • Airtight storage
  • Easy to move or transport
  • Amount of space

These 3 elements will help you decide which container is the best ant proof pet food container for your home.

Airtight storage help prevent ants from getting in because of the of multiple layers of interlocking threading and air seals. It is’ important to note that if you don’t take the time to close these containers properly, there’s no defense against ants or any other pest.

You should consider how easy the coaters are to transport because although many people have one fixed spot in their home for dog food storage, there is eventually be the need to move it. Now, ease of movement or transportation can include handles, wheels or both.

Finally, amount of space is a factor that fluctuates with each person. If you are a single dog household, you probably won’t need to hold 50 pounds of food at a time, however, if you have multiple dogs you probably do buy in bulk. No doubt, the more food you’re trying to store, the bigger the storage will be.

Best Overall Pick – Vittles Vault Gamma2

The best overall ant proof dog food storage is the Vittles Vault Gamma2 Airtight Stackable pet food container. There’s so much to love about the design of this pet food storage container. Because it’s airtight, it keeps out all number of pests including ants, and it keeps your dog food fresh.

This container has everything you could want from a pet food container, and then a little bit more. The Vittles Vault Gamma2 Airtight Stackable dog food container has many great benefits.

The Vittles Vault Gamma2 Airtight Stackable pet food container prevents food from going stale. For some dog owners that means that they can now buy larger bags of dog food without the risk of it losing its flavor or nutrients.

The upward facing opening screws easily on and off. But, it’s opening also functions as a great transport aspect. It’s easy to grab, carry, and even fill because of this side, upward facing opening.

The Vittles Vault Gamma2 Airtight Stackable pet food container’s stacking ability is another great bonus. If you have multiple dogs, you can store various types of pet food.

Many pet owners enjoy that the high-quality airtight seal ensures that there’s no dog food smell. However, there is a shortcoming to this option.

The Vittles Vault Gamma2 Airtight Stackable pet food container uses the upward pointed side which is a great feature most of the time. Where it becomes a hindrance is when you’re trying to get that last bit out of the container.

You can either stick your whole arm in the container, or you can prop up the bottom of the container on the side without the opening.

What We Liked

  • Stackable
  • Designed for easy transport
  • Prevents pets from infesting the food
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Completely ant proof

What We Didn’t Like

  • Food can get stuck in the bottom corners
  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Isn’t space conscious

Best Value Pick – Iris 3-piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

The Iris 3-piece airtight pet food container combo uses a different approach to keeping pests out than the other 2 options on this list. Instead of using a threaded airtight system, the Iris 3-piece airtight pet food container combo uses its wheels to bring the container off the floor.

The airtight system relies on a rubber cushion combined with side snaps to ensure that the food is inaccessible to ants.

The wheels on the Iris 3-piece airtight pet food container combo make it very easy to transport. When you move around the containers, the wheels move easily enough for a child to push or pull the container without any issues.

The storage containers sit on top of each other, which means you can easily grab the top container and go.

The 3 pieces work together to deliver a top quality pet container system. The first piece is a plastic airtight container with snap lock latches that keeps food dry, fresh, and pest free. This piece holds 33 quarts and the second piece is the measuring scoop that makes feeding time easy.

When you account for the size, the 33-quart container holds about 25 pounds of food. The third piece is the additional 12-quart container that has the same snap lock latches as the wheeled container. The 12-quart container holds about 10-pounds.

Although the Iris 3-piece airtight pet food container combo seems like it has everything, it lacks size. If you buy anything larger than a 35-pound bag of dog food, you’ll have extra that won’t fit into the containers.

Overall, the Iris 3-piece airtight pet food container combo is a great value if you have only 1 or 2 dogs at home. It’s also a great option if you travel regularly because you can grab the top container and get going.

What We Liked

  • 3 pieces
  • The system is on wheels
  • Easy to transport or use the smaller piece for traveling
  • Uses side snap locks
  • Easy to clean

What Could Be Better

  • Only holds a total of about 35-pounds of food
  • Not useful for people with many dogs
  • Takes a lot of space
Iris 3-piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

Iris 3-piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

Best Budget Pick – Vittles Vault

This tiny but might container is great for any dog owner. Vittles Vault appeals again with another ant proof dog food storage. The Vittles Vault Stackable pet food container comes in 4 size options, but overall you’re paying more than reasonable prices for airtight food storage.

The Vittles Vault Stackable is easy to handle with its built-in handles on the side. The small size when you’re sticking with the 5-pound option makes it great for traveling or caring for a small dog.

However, once you get into the larger sizes, although they’re still budget-friendly, they’re not as easy to move. When you account for the larger size, the side handles become difficult to manage.

Probably the best feature is the airtight seal. The twist screw cap is easy to spin and locks securely in place. The threading is wide and catches easily, but the rubber seal is what makes this pick worth it.

Any food sealed in the Vittles Vault Stackable is sure to stay fresh, but you should be careful if you’re pouring your dry dog food directly into this container.

Although this is one of the best ant proof dog food containers available, it needs a little help from you. This container requires periodic cleaning. The crumbs and excess oils from dry dog food will come together in the bottom of the container.

This mixture isn’t just gross and a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, but it can also deteriorate the inside of your container.

If you’re opting for the Vittles Vault Stackable, be sure that you clean the container between reloading different bags of dog food. Regular cleaning will help keep your pet’s food safe, and the container in good working order.

What We Love

  • Keeps food fresh
  • Completely ant proof
  • Twist screw cap
  • Stackable
  • Great for traveling

What Could Be Better

  • Extremely small
  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Can collect bacteria
Vittles Vault

Vittles Vault


Vittles Vault is the well-known name for the best ant proof dog food containers. The best overall option is the Vittles Vault Gamma2 which has a great amount of storage, is air tight, and completely ant proof.

But, if the Gamma2 is a bit out of your price range, the smaller Vittles Vault options offer all the same benefits in a less compact storage container.

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