Best Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors – How to Protect Your Floors and Your Pup

Ice cream and mustard. Ear muffs and swimsuits. Puppy paws and hardwood floors.

Some things simply do not go together well. Hardwood floors are popular in new homes and remodels these days, and despite all the advantages of this beautiful flooring option, compatibility with man’s best friend is not one of them.

In order to protect both your hardwood floors and your lovable puppy’s paws, consider investing in dog socks. Here are our top choices:

How do Dog Socks Protect Hardwood Floors?

Although we’ve all seen dogs and other pets dressed up in sometimes ridiculous outfits, dog socks are often a practical investment for owners with hardwood floors. You can easily prevent your pet from scratching up your floors with dog socks.

Some owners opt for expensive de-clawing operations or spend more money on hardwood floor maintenance like sanding and refinishing, but a less expensive, more effective solution is dog socks.

By selecting a good pair of dog socks, you can also keep your dog from slipping and sliding across hardwood floors and prevent potential injuries to your pet or anyone who happens to be in its way.

How Do I Select The Right Size Dog Socks?

Unfortunately, most dog socks are sold using ambiguous and inconsistent size information like ‘small’ and ‘large.’ You’ll want to find a sock that fits comfortably and is not too tight but that also stays on your dog’s paw without constantly slipping off.

The best way to find the right size is to spread out your dog’s paw against the floor as much as possible and then measure the length and width.

Check product information details to find a sock that meets the size range you are seeking. Some sites that provide consumer reviews may also give you feedback on whether the socks run larger or smaller than stated.

How Do I Get The Socks On My Dog?

The answer to this question depends on your dog. Some puppies will allow you to simply pull on the sock. Others may think you have a new game and work to remove the sock as quickly as possible. Stubborn pups may require a little training, and you may need to keep putting on the socks until they are accustomed to wearing them.

Our Top Picks of Dog Socks on the Market in 2017

RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks Paw Protection

These cute, anti-slip socks for dogs can prevent pups from slipping on hardwood floors. They feature a raised paw print decal that improves traction, which can minimize or eliminate back and leg injuries for your pet.

The fact that they are made from soft cotton means that your dog will be comfortable. In addition, the socks will help reduce scratch marks on your hardwood floors.

One disadvantage is that the socks can sometimes get twisted. Be sure to check your pup’s paws often and correct the sock placement to minimize this problem.

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RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

FouFou Dog Rubber Dipped Socks

These rubber dipped doggie socks have a hook and loop closure strap that helps secure the sock onto the dog’s paw. This feature ensures that the sock stays put even if the size is not a perfect match.

With a thick and textured foot, the FouFou dog socks help minimize injury on hardwood floors, particularly for older dogs or those pets with existing leg or back conditions. Proper sizing can be a bit of a challenge as product information is limited, and FouFou dog socks may run small.

FouFou Dog Rubber Dipped Socks

FouFou Dog Rubber Dipped Socks

HOMEDECO Puppy Dog Pets Non-Slip Socks

Best Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors - How to Protect Your Floors and Your Pup

These adorable cotton blend dog socks are available in several different colors and designs. The rubber bottoms help puppies from scratching or sliding on hardwood floor surfaces. This feature can be particularly helpful for pets with health problems, leg or back injuries, or for new puppies.

Although several good brands of dog socks are available, the top choice is theFouFou Dog Rubber Dipped Socks. The innovative hook and loop closure can minimize the common problem of socks slipping off easily due to incorrect sizing, and the thicker fabric on the soles make the sock a comfortable choice for the pup and the protective solution for hardwood floors.

If you have both a beloved dog as a pet and beautiful hardwood floors in your home, take the time to investigate the many varieties of dog socks that are available and invest in a few pairs. Both your puppy and your floor will thank you.


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