Best Dog Safe Raccoon Bait

An old boot on a fishing line. A cat in a cage set for a possum. A dog in a racoon trap.

The last thing that a trapper wants to see when he checks his traps is that he has caught something that he did not intend to catch. Multiple manufacturers have tried to turn this problem into profit by creating dog proof racoon traps that have flooded the market. Another important part of the equation is selecting the right kind of dog proof racoon bait. Here are some top choices:

* Milligan’s Tutti Fruitti Dog Proof Animal Lure

* Ausable® Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait

* Coon Potion Coon Kibbles Raccoon Dog Proof Bait

* Dunlap Very Berry Dog Proof Coon Bait

* Coon Gitter Dog Proof Bait

Why Use Dog Friendly Racoon Bait?

In the past, racoon trapping had to be done in areas far away from the city in order to prevent trapping of domestic pets. As a result, many near-city racoon dwelling places are uncharted territory full of potential catches for racoon trappers. By using dog proof traps and dog proof racoon bait, you can be more confident that you will actual catch what you are targeting and not something else.

What Is The Best Way To Set The Coon Trap?

First, as a trapper, take some time to scope out the areas where you want to trap. Look for signs of raccoon activity near water sources or evidence of dens, If you are simply trying to rid your property of a racoon that is getting into your garbage or attacking small farm animals like chickens, this step will be a simple one.

Racoons are social animals and where there’s one, there are usually many. As a result, consider investing in enough dog proof traps and bait to set multiple traps in a prime location. It will save you time and effort in the long run if you can catch them more than one at a time.

After setting the actual dog proof racoon trap, place just enough bait to barely cover the trigger mechanism. Use whatever you have handy to stake the trap securely such as rebar or long stakes pounded into the ground. Take care not to set the dog proof trap next to a tree that the racoon can climb and use as leverage to escape.

Dog Friendly Racoon Bait Reviews

Ausable® Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait

Best Dog Safe Raccoon Bait 1
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Sold in a one pound bag, the Ausable Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait is very attractive to raccoons. The bait is made from five different oils with fragrances designed to lure racoons but that are not that appealing to dogs or other animals. Used by professional trappers, the bait can be used in both conventional live cage traps as well as dog proof traps. The dry constitution of the bait prevents freezing problems in cold weather.

Milligan’s Tutti Fruitti Dog Proof Animal Lure

Best Dog Safe Raccoon Bait 2
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With its sweet tutti-fruitti scent, Mulligan’s bait attracts racoons effectively, particularly early in the trapping season. The fruity bait is not desired by dogs or other animals; therefore, it works well with dog proof racoon traps. Milligan’s Tutti Fruitti Dog Proof Animal Lure is sold in one ounce bottles. One potential downside of this bait is that since it is a liquid, it can potential freeze during cold nights. If this bait is placed on the trigger mechanism of a trap, there is potential that the trigger will fail to work. Trappers often use this lure in combination with other baits over the season.

Coon Potion Coon Kibbles Raccoon DP Bait

Best Dog Safe Raccoon Bait 3
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Another dry bait, the Coon Potion Coon Kibbles eliminates the worry of freezing in the winter or damaging the trigger mechanism of a dog proof trap. This bait is sold in 64 ounce jugs and has a very strong sweet smelling scent, which is desirable to raccoons. The Coon Potion Coon Kibbles can be used in both traditional live cage traps or in dog proof racoon traps.

Although trappers have developed different racoon catching methods over the years, there is always room for improvement. As communities grow and expand into more rural areas, trapping racoons closer to populated areas will grow in popularity, both to appease the enthusiastic trapper and the residents who want to rid their yards of racoons.

Selecting the right dog proof racoon trap and associated bait can take some research and trial and error. Ausable® Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait is a good place to start on the latter selection efforts as it provides a complex scent that is designed to lure racoons as well as a dry form to be usable in various weather conditions.

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