Dog Popsicles (15 Healthy Recipes Of Dog Popsicles)

We all love to treat our dogs, and dog popsicles remain in the top five list regarding top treats.

The best way to keep your dogs happy is by pampering them with treats. They will be a lot more content, and your bond will strengthen. Dog popsicles are a great option in this regard. Dog owners prefer them due to their accessibility.

Also, they are very desirable by dogs as well. Because they feel delighted and refreshed after every popsicle treat, dogs that constantly desire to chew are big fans of popsicles. But are dog popsicles safe?

Owners feed their pets lots of things without thinking twice. Because your dog loves to eat bone broth, you can’t feed him daily. We have similar concerns with popsicles. Before jumping to conclusions, let’s find out if it’s safe for dogs or not.

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What are dog popsicles?

Dog Popsicles

Dog popsicles are frozen treats made from everyday healthy ingredients. They are not only delicious but healthy as well. Dogs enjoy consuming them in summer because these popsicles make your dog cool off on a hot day.

The best thing about dog pops is that they can be prepared at home with ingredients available at hand, which means you can enjoy some cooking time while feeding a healthy treat to the pet without wasting any money.

You don’t need expensive ingredients to prepare popsicles. Mainly, natural sources are used, so they are fulfilling and yummy at the same time. However, dog popsicles without sugar and preservatives should be fed to dogs. Otherwise, it won’t do them good.

Can dogs Eat Popsicles?

Dog Popsicles

Popsicles are safe to be consumed by dogs. They also help your dog stay hydrated in warm weather and prevent heat stroke. But it is always better to keep a check on the ingredients used.

Some elements might be harmful to dogs. For instance, xylitol is present in artificially sweetened dog popsicles, which are toxic to dogs.

Similarly, raisins are harmful to puppies and dogs, so they should be avoided. Hence, it’s better to restrain from artificially sweetened popsicles for dogs because they are more likely to develop gastrointestinal problems if consumed. Other than that, popsicles are safe for dogs if consumed in moderation.

Can Puppies eat popsicles?

Dog Popsicles

Popsicles are an excellent treat for puppies on a warm day. They aid in making them feel relaxed and calm. Not only that, but they also have a role in your pup’s hydration. Your puppy will be delighted to lick these popsicles.

But you still have to keep track of the ingredients they are made from because your puppy is very likely to be allergic to specific compounds.

Since pups are sensitive and have delicate metabolism, it is suggested not to overdo the popsicles. Some elements are not easily digested in dogs’ metabolism.

They might add to the toxins in their bodies. So it’s better always to be well aware of the popsicle recipe. And also, make sure that your puppy doesn’t swallow the stick, which is made of food, because it is indigestible.

Potential Popsicle Health Concerns

Popsicles for dogs are undoubtedly delicious, but their nutritional value is low. Each dog popsicle consists of around 30-50 calories. That means popsicles don’t provide any energy to dogs.

Moreover, they don’t have micronutrients like vitamins or minerals. So they might create hindrances in your dog’s weight gain journey.

They have a large amount of added sugars but low energy value. Excessive sugar is not recommended for dogs because it develops a risk of diabetes in dogs.

Another drawback of doggy popsicles is the gastrointestinal illnesses they bring. It is very likely for dogs and puppies to develop constipation, diarrhea, and other related disorders. Other diseases include vomiting, nausea, and cardiac and central nervous system issues.

Some popsicles are composed of chocolate. A compound, theobromine, is present in chocolate which is considered highly toxic for dogs.

Feeding excessive amounts of popsicles to dogs might prove to be dangerous. They should always be given in moderation. Consuming too many of them might affect your dog’s oral health. Such as making your dog’s teeth decay.

Many dogs are lactose intolerant. Hence, feeding them dairy popsicles might cause gastrointestinal disturbances or diarrhea. This is one of the reasons why they should be avoided. And there should be a strict record of the ingredients used.

Benefits of Dog-Friendly Popsicles

Giving treats to your dog once in a while is essential as it prevents many behavioral problems. They are safe to use in moderation. It is an extremely part of their care because it keeps them from feeling anxious. Dogs are a lot happier if given treats often.

They help the dogs stay hydrated on warm days and keep them calm and relaxed. They are easy to cook and can be made at home with readily available ingredients. Sugar-free popsicles are also available to help avoid harmful compounds.

Best Dog popsicle recipes

Dog popsicles are available in stores but might be a little expensive. But the con of dog popsicles is that they can be prepared at home easily. Some of the best recipes to try at home are as follows:

Strawberry and Banana Dog Popsicles

Dog Popsicles


Strawberries (frozen): 2 cups

Banana (frozen and sliced: 2

Skim Milk: ¼ cup

Greek Yogurt (non-fat and plain): 1 ½ cups

Honey: 2 ½ tbsp


Put all the ingredients in the blender. Keep blending until it becomes creamy and smooth. Then pour it into the ice trays or silicone molds, whatever is desired.

The mixture must be consistent, like a milkshake. Add additional pieces of strawberries to make it tastier and look fantastic. Freeze it overnight and enjoy.

Note: This will taste amazing if you use frozen bananas and strawberries.

Lactose-Tropical Dog Popsicles


Strawberries: Handful

Mango: ½-1 cup

Pineapple: 2-3 Slices


Firstly chop the mango into pieces and make slices of pineapple. It is better to use fresh pineapple. Secondly, set the blender and place all the fruits in it. Blend until it becomes smooth.

Take some silicone molds, and pour the mixture into them. Do not funnel the molds full, for they will pour over when sticks are placed. Place popsicle sticks in the molds. Finally, freeze overnight and serve.

Note: You can also enjoy it after freezing it for 1-2 hours.

Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Popsicles

Dog Popsicles


Bananas: 4

Peanut Butter: ½ Cup

Plastic Cups (mini): 4


Peel and chop the bananas. Put the chopped bananas into the refrigerator and let them freeze. Set the blender and place all the chopped bananas into it. Turn the blender On.

Keep scrapping down the sides of the blender frequently, and blend it until it becomes smooth and thick, like banana ice cream. Now it is time to add peanut butter and mix it well. Pour the mixture into plastic cups, and freeze again. It is ready to serve.

Note: you can use paper cups instead of plastic ones, but the paper must be removed before serving.

Peanut Butter Berry Dog Popsicles

Dog Popsicles


Bananas: 1/2 cup

Berry (frozen or fresh): 1/2 cup

Honey: 2 tablespoons

Milk (plain): 1/2 cup


Firstly, set the food processor and place the chopped frozen bananas. Secondly, put the berries, milk, and honey as well. Turn On the food processor and blend it until it becomes smooth and creamy.

It will become consistent like a milkshake. Take the silicone molds and pour the creamy mixture into them. Let them freeze for two to three hours. It is ready to serve.

Watermelon Carrot Popsicles

Dog Popsicles


Carrots (medium-sized): 2

Watermelon: 3 cups


Peel and cut the carrots into small pieces. Please put them in the blender and Turn the blender On. Keep blending until chopped. Peel the watermelon and remove the seeds from it. And then, set it in the blender to puree the carrots. Blend it until it becomes smooth.

Arrange the silicone molds and pour the mixture into them. Freeze the molds for two to three hours. It is ready to serve.

Note: These popsicles can be frozen and used within three months.

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Popsicles

Dog Popsicles


Peanut Butter: ½ cup + 2tbsp

Pumpkin Puree: 1 cup

Cinnamon: ½ tsp


If you do not have pumpkin puree, then take the pumpkin and make it puree by using the blender. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Pour the mixture into silicone molds to it give it shapes. Freeze overnight and enjoy it.

Note: cinnamon is an optional ingredient. You can add it if readily available otherwise, let it go.

You can also enjoy it by freezing it for one to two hours.

Hearty Chicken Dog Popsicles

Dog Popsicles


Chicken livers: 1lb

Water: 1 qt


Take a pan and pour water into it. Then place the chicken livers in the water and let it boil. You will see foam on top of the water in a few minutes. It is the blood in the livers.

Let it stir for a few minutes more. Then take the broth and pour it into the silicone molds. Put the molds in the freezer for two to three hours. And it is ready to serve.

Note: You can add flour when you see foam to give it a taste.

Bone Broth Dog Popsicles

Bone Broth Dog Popsicles


Chicken (breasts): 1 pound

Water: 12 cups


Take the water into a pan and put the chicken into it. Place the pan on low flame overnight. You can also cook the chicken breasts for less time on high flame. When the chicken is cooked, please remove it from the water and break it into small pieces. Again put it in the water and mix well.

Now take the silicone molds or ice trays to give it shapes. Let it freeze for two to three hours, and it is ready to serve.

Frozen Blueberry Dog Popsicles

Dog Popsicles


Blueberry (frozen): ¾ cup

Greek Yogurt (with low fat): ¾ cup

Banana: ½


Ripe the banana and place it into the blender. Add blueberries and greek yogurt. Blend it until it becomes smooth. It almost takes 90 seconds to make it smooth.

Arrange the silicone molds and pour the mixture into them. Freeze them until they become solid. It takes nearly 5 hours to solidify it. Remove the popsicles from the molds and let your dog enjoy them.

Savory Beef Pooch Popsicles


Beef ( ground) : ½ lb




Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until it becomes smooth. Also, keep adding the water to get the desired consistency. Place the mixture into a pan and cook on high flame until it boils. Lower the flame and let it cook for half an hour.

And then turn off the flame. Let it cool for half an hour. Put the cooked mixture into the silicone molds or ice trays to give it a shape. Let it freeze for three to four hours. It is ready to serve.

Two-Ingredient Cantaloupe Ice Cream


Ripe Cantaloupe

Greek Yogurt (no fat)


Cut the melon into four pieces. Peel those pieces well and remove the seeds. Let these pieces freeze for two hours. Place the melon pieces and yogurt into the blender and blend until smooth.

Add some cold water in case of a much thick mixture. Separate the mixture in the silicone molds and freeze till solid for three to four hours. Let your dog enjoy them.

Note: If your dog does not like melon, you can add blueberries and strawberries to taste.

Watermelon Dog Popsicles

Watermelon Dog Popsicles



Greek Yogurt ( no fat)


Peel the watermelon and cut it into small pieces so the seeds can be removed easily. Place them and the yogurt into the food processor when the seeds are removed. Please turn it on and blend until it becomes smooth.

Transfer the mixture from the food processor to the silicone molds or ice trays, whatever is desired. Let it freeze for three to four hours. It is now ready to serve.

Note: Dogs like yogurt with no fats. Else, yogurt with low fat can also be used.

Fruit and Vegetable Dog Popsicles

Fruit and Vegetable Dog Popsicles




Beef Liver


Parsley (chopped)

Carrots (medium-sized)


Chop carrots, strawberries, and blueberries. Set the food processor and place all the ingredients, except carrots and broth, together in the blender. Turn the blender On until it the mixture becomes smooth. Put the mixture into silicone molds or ice trays.

Pour the broth on the mixture into the molds. To give them mold sticks, put carrots vertically. These will become good popsicles with popsicle sticks. Let the molds freeze for two to three hours. And it is ready to serve your dog.

Chicken Popsicles- II


Chicken broth

Boiled well-cut chicken (unseasoned)



Carrot (to be used as a stick)


Fill up half of the mold with cooked and finely cut chicken pieces and blueberries.

Fill the other half of the mold with chicken broth.

Put the carrot in the middle of the mold to make a stick.

Freeze for 4 hours and serve.

Lactose-Free Popsicles- II

Note: This recipe is safe for dogs that are lactose intolerant. Because no dairy item is used in this recipe.




A small amount of water or coconut milk


Cut the watermelon into small chunks, put it into the blender, and blend until uniform.

Add to it chopped pineapple and blend again.

Mix a little coconut milk to make it more smooth.

You can add water if coconut milk is not available.

Pour into a tray and freeze the mixture until it’s solid.

Take it out and serve cold.

How to make Dog popsicles at home?

The most significant advantage of dog popsicles is that they are easy to make. You can make them at home with easily accessible ingredients. Moreover, they are way more economical if prepared at home, instead of buying the branded ones.

 The way to make popsicles at home is too convenient. Another great thing about popsicles, you only need natural sources.

All you need are some fruits and vegetables. Avoid using dairy products while preparing popsicles because some dogs are lactose intolerant. It is always better to be cautious. To avoid any inconvenience, use non-dairy alternatives.

You also need to be very careful when using raw meat because it might be fatal in some cases if handled recklessly.

What frozen treats can you give a dog?

There exist many options to be given to dogs as frozen treats.

These include:

  • Peanut butter and frozen banana treats
  • Frozen carrots and apple bites
  • Frozen watermelon treats
  • Frozen strawberries and blueberries
  • Frozen peach chunks
  • Frozen bananas
 Dog Popsicles

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Conclusion | Dog Popsicles

Dog popsicles are safe if you’re sure about the ingredients used in their preparation. Do not entirely rely on them because they aren’t complete nutrition for your dog.

Ensure you’re not giving too many dog pops because anything used in excess might become toxic. Avoid using dairy products to avoid health issues.

Do Dogs Like Popsicles?

Dogs love popsicles because they feel fresh after eating them on a hot summer day. Popsicles also keep them refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. They enjoy pops and will surely ask for more.

Is It OK For Dogs To Eat Popsicles?

The most straightforward answer to the questions is yes. Popsicles can be eaten by dogs safely and cause no harm. Only if given in moderation and not in excess.

Just simply avoid artificially sweetened dog popsicles. And also the ones that contain dairy items in them because lactose intolerance is observed in many dogs.

Are Frozen Popsicles Good For Dogs?

Frozen popsicles are the best treats for dogs because they give dogs a sense of enrichment and cooling. They also help cater to their mood swings and behavioral changes.

They are easy to make at home and are mostly loved by all dogs. Every time you feed your dog popsicles, you will be able to see the excitement.

Should I Give My Dog Popsicles?

Yes, you can. No harmful threats are related to popsicles if you know what you’re feeding your dog. You can feed popsicles to your dog, but not too many.

Can I Give My Dog Popsicles Daily?

It is always better to be on the safe side to avoid unfavorable circumstances. It is not recommended to give too many popsicles to dogs.

This is why you should go easy on popsicles and only prefer them as treats, not a complete diet. Because they are not as nutritious as other diets, their only purpose is to provide joy to dogs.

How Many Popsicles Are Safe For Dogs?

Not too many. Always give small amounts of popsicles to your dog to keep your dog from getting into severe health issues. Moderation is the key. Giving popsicles to your dog on alternate days is a preferred way.

What Kind Of Popsicles Is Suitable For Dogs?

Popsicles that are non-dairy and prepared at home with no artificial sugars are a safer option. In this way, you can have a proper check of the elements used in the popsicle recipe. So you would not have to worry about popsicles ruining your dog’s health.

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