Best Dog Safe Mouse Traps – 3 Dog Safe Mouse Traps (2023)

For dog owners, it can be difficult to find rodent traps that are safe to keep in the house. Luckily, there are rodent traps available that are safe around pets. Here are our top three mouse traps that are safe to use around dogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Safe Mouse Traps

Are Dog Safe Mouse Traps Truly Safe To Keep Around Dogs?

Yes. They are carefully designed to ensure that pets cannot stick their paws or noses into the trap.

Are Dog-Friendly Mouse Traps Effective Enough to Solve My Problem?

Dog safe rodent traps can be just as effective as any other type of rodent trap.

Do Dog Safe Mouse Traps All Utilize The Same Trapping Mechanism?

No, there are different ways that dog safe rodent traps can work. In many cases, dog safe rodent traps are covered, and the mouse is killed underneath the covering. In addition to keeping your dog(s) safe, this prevents you from having to see the dead rodent. There also are no kill rodent traps, and you can see one in action here. These traps are designed not to cause injury.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Dog-Friendly Mouse Trap?

It’s important that the rodent trap you choose has been deemed by the manufacturer to be safe around dogs. Don’t simply choose a trap that you think appears to be safe to keep around dogs. It’s also important to make sure that the mouse trap you choose is easy to set. Furthermore, you need to make sure that there is no way that the rodent could get out of the trap.

How Can I Effectively Use Dog Safe Mouse Traps?

They can be used the same way as any other rodent trap. The most important thing to consider is the placement of the trap. Rodents typically don’t travel more than 30 feet from the nest when searching for food. This Youtube video shows where mouse traps should be placed, but the specific type of mouse trap used in the video isn’t safe around dogs.

Three Dog Safe Mouse Traps:

1. Tomcat Kill And Contain Mouse Trap

One of perksof this trap is that the mouse walks inside of this trap before being killed. This keeps you from having to see or handle the dead mouse. However, the layout is slightly different. An indicator is used to show you when a mouse is caught.


  • It’s easy to use in tight spaces. The appearance of the trap is tall and narrow rather than having the broad and low to the ground appearance that’s typical of mouse traps.
  • The trap is easy to set.
  • It’s very unlikely that a mouse will escape with the bait, which ensures that you will be reducing the number of rodents in your house rather than feeding them.
  • The indicator makes it extremely easy to see when you’ve caught a mouse, which prevents the dead mouse from creating an odor.
  • The trap has a fairly nondescript appearance, which is great for anyone having guests over.


  • The traps can occasionally set themselves off.
  • While the traps are typically effective, you may have to wait a while to see results.
Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap

Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Trap

2. CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap

Most homeowners with mice issues don’t necessarily want to kill the mice; they simply want them out of the house. This humane smart rodent trap by CaptSure allows you to do exactly that while keeping your mind at ease that Fido won’t be at risk.

The smart rodent trap is easy to use. To set it, just place food bait in the compartment and open the spring door. The trap does not use poison or any harmful chemicals. Another bonus is that the trap is completely silent.

One of the other benefits of these traps is that they are easy to clean and re-use. The compartment box removes easily for safe cleaning. So, you won’t need to continually replace the traps once they’ve caught mice.

The Humane Smart Rodent Trap has an easy release so that you can let the mouse go outside of the house once it is captured without needing to touch it. It will not be harmed while it is in the trap.

The trap can be used inside or outside and has a compact design that makes it easy to fit into small crevices and other hard to reach areas.


  • Completely chemical and poison free; the trap will not harm captured mice
  • Quick, easy release once mice are captured
  • Easy to clean and maintain for re-use
  • Safe for young children as well as dogs
  • Compact design that can be placed both indoors and outdoors


  • The trap is small and may close before the mice are all the way in
  • Not well-ventilated, so the mouse needs to be released relatively quickly
 CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap

CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap

3. Catcha 2-Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap

Much like the CaptSure trap, the Catcha Mouse Trap is a humane trap designed to capture mice without harming them, allowing for safe release outside the home. Because there is no poison or harmful chemicals, it is completely safe to have in a home with a dog and children.

This Catcha trap weighs under 10 oz. and measures 3.5” x 4.9” x 2.7”, so it is easy to place in most small nooks of the home.

To use the Catcha Smart Mouse Trap, simply place the bait in the compartment and open the spring-loaded door. Once the trap catches a mouse, just take it outside to where you want to set the mouse free, open the food compartment and it will be able to exit safely.

A word of caution, however; it is essential to check the trap frequently. If a captured mouse is left inside for too long, it can dehydrate or suffocate to death. The mouse may also damage some of the mechanisms in the trap by chewing through them.

After the mouse is released from the trap, you can clean and re-use it as many times as you’d like, making it a convenient, economical option.


  • Easy to clean and safe to re-use as many times as needed
  • Doesn’t require any poison or chemicals that will harm the mice or your pets
  • Easy catch and release system; no need to ever make contact with the mouse
  • Small enough to place in most tight spaces in the home


  • Mice can chew through some of the plastic after being caught, leaving the traps damaged and rendering them useless
  • Some users report the latch design being faulty, causing the trap to no longer function properly after a single use
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Catcha 2-Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap

Which One Of These Three Mouse Traps Is The Best for Dog Owners?

The best catch and release trap is the Catcha 2-Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap, for those with a recurring rodent problem, we recommend the Tomcat Kill and Contain Mouse Traps. There are several advantages to this trap. Unlike with some other rodent traps, there’s no way that rodents could learn over time how to take the bait and escape.

The removal of the rodent is much less unpleasant with this trap, since the rodent isn’t killed. The trap is ideal for anyone whose primary problem is rats rather than mice. Since it’s quite a large trap, the same one can also be used for trapping other forms of vermin.

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